It’s so easy to put off necessary changes. After all, we’re incredibly busy.

“I know I need to ___, but I’m waiting for a better time,” is a common response we offer our inner voice when it prompts us to stop ignoring what we need. Over time, dismissing needs can become automatic––but we can’t continually ignore our intuition without trade-offs.

If trying to balance your life feels like you’re on a runaway train, consider how making changes now helps you avoid potential future problems with your relationships, your health, and with your business.

You may be thinking, “I know, but I’m very busy.”

Think about how, in an emergency, clarity and new choices often just appear. Your truth—what you believed up until that time—can alter pretty quickly when something simply must change. What if you take a quick moment to imagine a change you’ve been putting off–– and then imagine that you have to address that change immediately. What’s the first thing you would alter, get rid of, or do?

What would change if you did took an action on that right now?