It’s that time again…

This year I am once again offering free sessions to celebrate the power of coaching! These are not 20-30 minute discovery sessions. I’m providing hour-long breakthrough sessions to five people who are truly ready to leap toward what they want.

Why? Because while many people will say the sky’s the limit, they have been conditioned to act like the ceiling is. And coaching can help.

You deserve to start living the life you want to be living and coaching is a powerful way to support yourself in making the significant, meaningful changes that can get you there.

Are you ready?

Use the contact page to tell me

  1. Why you want coaching
  2. How you would use your coaching hour breakthrough session
  3. Your email and phone number

I will draw names next Wednesday at 5 pm PST and reach out to everyone who responds.

If you feel ripe and ready to start, it’s the perfect time to jump at the chance to get coached. If you’re on the fence, and your mind is filling up with excuses as you read this…I invite you to do it anyway!