In case you haven’t heard, Brene Brown rocks.

Last week I coached at the Texas Women’s Conference. While I had to miss Brene’s morning talk, I did hear her speak during lunch before I started speed coaching. My unexpected bonus of the day: I repeatedly heard “Brene Brown take-aways” from most of the women who signed up for coaching.
Layers of fresh perspectives were shared as woman described the messages they received, and how they were reconsidering their own fears.

Not only did I witness women finding their individual ways of becoming open to Brene’s message to dare greatly, her talk seemed to prime some of the women. This priming allowed many of the speed coaching sessions to run deeper than is often the case in a such a public setting.

Message in hand, these women pointed new concepts in different areas in their lives, but there was a single chime that rang through most of what each women discussed. It was the sound of relief from embracing a new, freeing belief. This ability to think about things through a new belief framework invited women to immediately step, fears in hand, toward what they wanted.

I could almost hear that sound ringing in their ears as they talked about how they could stop hiding and instead, embrace what had previously been a dream-suffocating fear. They “got” that fear is not a sign of weakness. It’s a telling of a truth. This idea is at the core of what many of my clients work on in their coaching.

It was a privilege to follow Brene. At the end of the day I stepped away feeling like I had won a door prize. She helped so many women reframe fear that day, and left them feeling inspired to act in new ways. I witnessed courage breaching the surface, again and again, as so many woman began making new plans while embracing what they were afraid of.

Take another bow, Brene.