A practice of  “being present in the moment” is a great way to combat the overworked lifestyle, but there are times when I choose to let go of the moment.

Yes, I am still committed to living mindfully, but I sometimes choose to tune out the present to better manage my energy. This may seem to go against what I typically teach, but I assure you, this is worth exploring. Let me explain…

I may be standing in line at the store, or waiting to pick up my child from school. Without thought or effort, my mind tunes out my surroundings and I focus on remembering a favorite moment from the weekend, or a sweet thing a friend did for me, or picture a lovely morning with my son. As the memory becomes my focal point, I begin to relax. The relaxation comes without effort because simply recalling something pleasant triggers it.

When I reconnect with the present – if I have engaged with a memory long enough – it can feel as refreshing as a brief nap.

I practice these “sit and savor exercises” routinely to help me restore personal energy. And you can create these moments for yourself any time. Just unplug yourself from incoming information in the moment, and tune in to a memory that you want to experience all over again.