It was afternoon and my energy was dipping. I stepped outside, tea in hand, to take in some fresh air and immediately felt distracted from my busy thoughts. A  light rain was dripping, playing a rhythmic melody on the leafy iron plants below the roof’s edge. I took in the sounds, smell, and beautiful green hues surrounding me and felt myself start to reboot.

We often wonder how we can carve out more time to recharge, but some simple ways can take no real time at all. I’ve been having fun experimenting with restoring my own energy in new ways as I write the “Effortless Life Series.”

While writing the “Effortless Energy” piece, I seemed to dive more deeply into how my own personal energy gets directed from moment to moment. I came to realize that I have a favorite “effortless” refresher, one I never need to find time for. It works with a type of “invisible time” that already exists for all of us.

I refer to this time as the “spaces in between.” They’re those miss-them-if-you-blink periods between completing a task, activity or appointment, and going on to something else. Most of us never give that space a second look. But some true magic can be had if we stop ignoring this gap.

Take a moment after checking something off your to-do list, and instead of automatically turning to the next thing, allow yourself a moment to breeeeathe. Notice what you have just accomplished. Focus on what you DID get done, not on whatis coming up next.  Then, give yourself a little “atta-girl” (or if it was a big day, some woohoo-style appreciation) before moving to the next thing calling to you.

This pause is such an uncomplicated way to practice presence. And while it may seem too simple to matter, I can tell you tha it helps to effortlessly insert restorative moments during the day.

Try this favorite reboot of mine for yourself, then come back and share a favorite of your own!