Stephen Covey once said, “One word expresses the pathway to greatness: “voice.”

In my experience, solo-flying women need to heed their inner voices. The outer voice seems to get a lot done, but it’s the inner voice that’s often the missing piece to both balancing stress, and to making your life come true. Your inner voice is the voice of your knowing. This voice, which could easily be called the forgotten voice, is the one to pay attention to as you zip through your day.

Everything from recent profits, to your daughter’s soccer practice can stay at the forefront of your mind, distracting you from your inner voice– the one that’s trying to alert you to what you need. This voice can get pushed back even further when the message isn’t what your mind wants to hear: “I’m getting pretty hungry,” or “I’m feeling burned out; I need more fun,” can get completely drowned out by “I still have time to get a few more calls in,” causing our self-care to take another hit.

After a while, the inner voice gets weaker, and over time, may slip away entirely leaving you feeling disconnected and exhausted. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to turn up the volume!

How? Start to notice when you start to over-ride your own inner voice. Instead of brushing it aside, listen. Then practice taking action the moment.

When you feel hungry, thirsty or ready for a break, tend to your needs! Doing this throughout the day will help you to reconnect to yourself, and turns up the volume on that voice that always has your best interest at heart.