Imagine all of your goals and desires as the seeds you have planted in a garden. These have now sprouted with the spring rains and it’s time to tend to their needs. When the temperatures dip, they may need cover; or when the skies remain cloud-free for too long, they’ll need you to water them. If left untended, they will show signs of stress. They may even stop growing, start to wither, struggle to stay strong and upright, and eventually become unable to bear their beautiful flowers and fruit.

Just like lack of rain or extreme temperatures affect plants in a garden, our life is full of things that can cause us strain. Left untended, this strain, or stress, will require us to point more of our energies in the direction of trying to stay strong and survive.

On the other hand, if we tend our inner garden by adding the things that meet the needs in our lives, we support our ability to grow.

When you help yourself feel happier and healthier, you can not only accomplish more, you also feel great along the way!

Can you see yourself standing over a patch of little garden plants withholding water while you insist that they continue to grow and produce? Tending to their needs isn’t selfish, is it? The same is true for your needs.

Holding back what you genuinely need holds you back.

Instead, when life challenges you, give yourself more of what you love. Pour on what feels simply delicious to you so you can thrive.

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