I’m back– and feeling fine.

When life seems to throw too much at us at once, it may not matter if we have a bag full of tools to manage stress. What matters is if we are getting what we need so we can balance what’s coming our way.

I tend to be the one in the crowd that has a very high level of self-care. For many years, I add daily doses of stillness, eat intuitively and do a variety of other things that work well for me. It is the lifestyle I have. Yet after months of family illnesses, friends and family funerals, my eighteen year-old dog passing away, and surgery, I found myself face to face with true imbalance. I threw more self-care and nurturing my way, but what I needed was a radical reset.

I took a break from several things in order to totally reboot––and it worked! Balance is back.

If I were a client, I would have probably seen the need sooner, but I kept telling myself that I already have superior care. Silly, huh?

The next time you feel imbalance tapping you on the shoulder, stop and pay attention a moment. And instead of judging based on how much self-care you think you already have, listen deeply to what has changed and update the way you meet your needs so your care matches what is going on in the present.

A quick review may be all it takes to see clearly that stress has been playing a bigger game. When you see that, you know that you have to change the way you respond. It really is that simple.

Next, I’ll share five ways to recognize when you need a radical response to stress…