We all know that stress is a part of life. While certain amounts of stress can actually provide benefits, chronic stress can take a serious toll on the body, mind and spirit.

If stress has thrown you off track, and you’re having no luck recovering your balance, here are five ways to identify the need for a more radical approach:

1. Your “old favorites” aren’t working.

Sometimes we are so busy trying to make things work, we can’t see the truth– that what we are doing simply isn’t working. If you find that you can no longer manage stress with tools that have worked for you in the past, it’s time to take an avid new approach.

2. You feel stuck in high gear.

Is your adrenaline pumping 24/7? If you feel like you’re in “push-mode” all the time—even when you’re not chasing deadlines––a drastic reset is definitely needed.

3. Rumination is your new “default mode.”

You know it’s time for wholehearted measures when your thoughts constantly gravitate toward past concerns or worrying about the future.

4. Inspiration is snoozing.

Have you taken steps to restore yourself but find things like creativity and motivation are still asleep at the wheel? Extreme stress makeover time!

5. Your energy has fallen flat.

When extra sleep and nurturing hasn’t helped you find your spark, it’s time for either a sabbatical, or something radical!

Radical Resets always involves raising the bar on self-care. If the idea of stepping up self-nurturing is met with inner resistance, look at it this way: If you were thinking of investing in your business, you would look at how the investment would pay off now, and in the long run. Self-care can be that simple.

Since investing in you pays off now and in the future, go on–– reach for something radical!

*Take a whole day to play.

*Get away for the weekend to be pampered.

*Clear your calendar for an entire week and allow yourself to reconnect with your essence.

The size and scope of more far-reaching approaches vary, but it’s important to embrace your Radical Reset choices without guilt. Since placing yourself at the top of the list helps you recover and maintain your clarity, connection and vitality, you, your business, and your relationships share in the benefits!

If an easy, step-by-step approach sounds like the support you need to reset, Effortless Phoenix: 8 Steps For Bouncing Back From Illness Or Crisis––part of my Effortless Life Series––has proven tools to help you rebound. Find out more here: EffortlessLifeSeries.com