This is it— the last day of your inbox detox!

You’re so close now. Once you’ve completely emptied folders 1, 2 and 3, you’re left with your 30-Day folder to scrub.  Consider the following two options:

1. If you’re ready to “select all” and “delete,” woohoo—go for it!

2. If you lock-up when you think about erasing this last assortment, you can try a more effortless approach…


That’s right. Just sit back and wait. If you wait for 30 days before you look in this folder again, you will know the importance of its contents. You can then take one last look, knowing that this batch was given several chances to prove itself worthy, and what remains repeatedly failed to pass your “true value” test. Deleting should be easy.

Now, how are you going to celebrate?