For just a couple of weeks a year, the leaves rain down in colors here, and I delight in picking them up. I gather handfuls of these sunny yellow, burnt umber, mocha, red and toasted orange “jewels.” Like treasured seashells from a beach, I pick and choose as I walk along, crunching an autumn tune beneath my feet.

I may end up photographing them, or use them in drawings or paintings. But mostly I just scatter them like petals along a windowsill or bookcase. Piled or strewn together, each leaf is gorgeous in its own right— even the ones with chipped edges or irregular shapes. And each texture and color seems to flatter the others around it.

They remind me of all the women I have been blessed to work with. All of the individual textures and qualities make us who we are. And while there’s an opportunity to create big changes along with any new season, I encourage women to always appreciate the colors and textures that are unique to them.

Change isn’t always about learning to do something differently. It can mean learning to accept, and truly love, a part of yourself that you’ve always thought needed to be different.

This often requires expanding your awareness, more “you time” and some ongoing support. These can be found in my re-released book, now “Daily Do-ables: Creative Stress Solutions For Busy Women.”

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Happy Holidays!!